Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Almost very favorite awaiting day to most of us. There is no human in the world without worries. But this one day is to celebrate yourself leaving all those worries aside. Eventhough, it tells, you are getting aged and you lost one more year in your lifetime, it also
you have travelled one more year successfully in the earth.
You made it to reach yourself this day again
You made your beloved ones happy to say you are still in the world to take care of them
You made your beloved long time no see friends to call and surprise you with their wishes
You made everybody around you to remember you. So it goes on..

This day gets very much special when you get surprise gifts. Your parents, friends, spouse, children,  grand children, whoever may gift you in your lifetime birthdays. But the very moment you have someone to remember your birthday, to take time to think what to gift you, to go in person to buy that, you are already gifted. You are worth of their time. You may forget what the gift has, but the surprising moments will be there in your sweet memories till your lifetime. So make your beloved ones feel special by wishing them, gifting them, blessing them. Its your day comes once n a year let's celebrate...

Am back

Hello world,

Its bee long time, am back here. I also like to see this blog as a platform to share few words on few aspects of life. Welcome to your views too. Stories will show up in between. so keep listening...