Sunday, July 10, 2016


Love is complete when it comprises honesty, sincerity, transparency. How do we express our love towards God is Bakthi. There is no limited way to express this divine relationship. Only truthfulness in our heart and expressing our own way the truthfulness is the love towards God. Few people do some rituals, few visit their divine place, few do chant, few do nothing just feel Him, there r lot more ways people have their own way. The way which make you to feel like you are near to God , is your best way of expressing bakthi. Not compulsory that one should follow other. Bakthi is a divine feeling , that is not a thing comes in compulsion or under force. When its forced and you don't feel reaching Him, then you are satisfiying whom forcing you but you are pretending to Him. Thats not ur originality. Thats not at all ur bakthi. It becomes just another exercise u follow. Our inner self realizes and when its speaking to and being with God, that's Bakthi.

How do we measure one's bakthi? Is there any cutoffs? Nope. It cant be measured. There is no more or less. U believe in God, that's it. How much u believe in God , thats upto ur dedication. Thats ur pure personal. Others cannot estimate yours and you cant , of others.  Its beyond comparison.

Ok Now u have bakthi, but do u need to prove it? How do u prove it? Nope, there s no need to prove. You know ur God and GOd knows you! Right? its between you and God. Then whats the necessary to prove ur bakthi to others. And its the thing that can be only felt but not at all proved....

So when somebody says you need to do this and that otherwise God wont see you, then u can say, 'you r blind'. Consistent Belief in God, thats important!  Your inner self decides the way you reach Him, so listen and follow your heart not others!