Thursday, July 28, 2011

Akil's Jeena - End Part

Shocked Akil, not removing his eyes from Jeena, touched his scar in stomach. Jeena continued, "It happened 150 years back. You were the born king of the northern region of this country, blessed with all talents to rule the country. You and your neighbor kingdom prince were close friends from the child hood. This made, many of the kings, ruling other parts of the country, to be jealous on you. Since they wanted to stop your success, they planned to spoil your friendship and they succeeded. They created distrust on you in your friend’s heart and in turn this developed misunderstanding between you and your friend. And you both decided to meet at the war. A very noble, old man, your friend’s great grandfather gave him a sword which was given by a saint. It was thicker, stronger enough to take lives of thousands. Your mesmerized friend joined hands with your cunning enemies. The day came. The war between you both was huge, terrific, vigorous and lasted for many months. Finally, you both met face to face and sword to sword. With all the greatness of God, you broke the sword of your enemy, made him armless and released me from the sword where I was arrested for years by the saint. When I came out, I could only see your soulless body down in the earth, as your enemy soldiers killed you from back. I know you would return to this world again and since that day I am waiting for you to serve you My Lord!”, saying this Jeena knelt down and bow his head towards his master, “How may I serve you, Sir”.

Hearing this, Akil didn’t know to believe it or not, thinking for a while, he said, “Hey Jeena, if I am your master and if you had to obey my orders, then bring me a new set of dress like a king wears.In no time, Jeena wore him with a suit with bright colors, rich silks, embedding rubies, emeralds, diamonds…. Akil was really happy for having Jeena and thanked God. Then he asked for food, books, play items, etc…

It has been a few days where Akil was missing in the palace. The King ordered his servants to search him. Akil’s family worried and prayed God for him. The news spread in the whole village and everybody start seeking the little boy. But they couldn’t find him. As days passed on, people started forgetting about this, where Akil family alone was in pain.

On one bright day, as usual the people started their routine chores; they found a big jute parcel in the entrance of every home. When one opened it, he could find clothing for the family, rice bag, cereals bag, books and more for a family to run for a month. As the village was suffering with poverty, the man took it as God had sent him them to wipe his pain, so as the other people in the village. What was happening in the next few days was a miracle to the people. The rain poured as they wished. The quality and quantity of the grain from their farm was not like this ever before. By this they trade them well with surrounding villages and their economy grew. The poverty was moving out of the village slowly. The people including the king were wearing a contented and happy smile on their faces except Akil family.

And now I wish that you give a 100 gold coins to each family in this village and that is enough for me”, Akil ordered his genie. “In a minute my Lord”, excited Jeena, fulfilled his master wish. “All my wishes are now done, Thanks a lot dear Jeena. I have to get back to my world now and you may too”, Akil said. Jeena, with happy tears rolled out from his eyes, replied, “My Lord, its great time to serve you in my life ever. When all my master’s wishes are done, I can get into the heaven now. Thanks for releasing me. Long live my master! But before going I want to give you a gift”, saying this he handed him a gold tablet. Master accepted it and opened. He saw a gold bracelet with his name engraved in diamonds. He hugged Jeena with no heart to leave him. They exchanged good byes each other and Jeena slowly vanished. Akil opened the door and came out. He could not guess for how long he was in that room.

Everything was changed when he came out of that restricted place. People were having broader smiles in their face, exchanging greetings each other. Suddenly a servant rushed towards him and carried him to the king. The smile in the king’s face diminished and asked Akil where he was for 40 days with angry tone. But he listened to Akil carefully. He was surprised that Akil was the reason for what was happening to the village. Akil’s family reached the palace and the father took Akil in his arms with all happiness. Then the king asked him, why he let genie to go, if he had been with him, then he could have done more and the people would become the richer in the world. Akil, with bold heart said, “My Lord, what I wished Jeena was to make ourselves to move out of poverty and everyone in this village should have his basic needs. That is what now our people have. Once we have the basic needs done with, we will have new energy to find opportunities, work hard and grow more. If we have more wealth now, then people would go lazy and tend to grow jealous and greedy to each other. When there is no cooperation and unity among us, the poverty will be in again. So let’s be together and with our unity and hard work, we will grow together and shine in our world

The king and the people in the palace were surprised at the words and the maturity of such a small boy and there was a great big applause for Akil in the court. Akil father was very proud of his little heart. Since then the village grown to a height where the world looked them and followed them for its growth.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Akil's Jeena - Part 2

At first, it was difficult to Akil, but later he got used to new place and new people. He was very happy to study, learn new things, and roam around the palace. There was a restricted phase in palace, which had a very big hall in the center surrounded by around fifty rooms. These rooms were filled with things those were considered as precious by King Samendhra. Not always, but once, Akil got permission to visit this place and was told that nobody could open one room, particularly.  With all curiosity, he wanted to try on his own but not even allowed to touch the door.

Even though he started his studies late, was able to grasp things faster. The king was happy with boy’s learning progress. One night when he was studying, suddenly got an idea of trying to open the so-far unopened room in restricted phase. He moved to that place when nobody noticed him. When he touched the door, heard a voice from inside. To his surprise, the door opened that moment and a voice said, “Welcome my lord”. The door shut itself after he entered.

Akil was afraid of darkness that existed there for years, till the giant creature came in front of his vision. And for the first time, cursed himself, for having a thought of trying to open this room.  With the dim light flowing from small ventilators on top of the walls, he could see, it had two legs and two hands look like a ghost, with three eyes and single horn.  When he turned back to move out of the room, heard a strong voice, “My Great Lord! Its me Jeena, whom u gave freedom 100 years ago and waiting to serve u my Master”.

In fear, sweating Akil, could hear his heart beating bolder and louder. Now he realized the jandoo in front of him is harmless. Still with trembling heart, he collected himself and replied, “I am not the person whom you are thinking. I am just 10 year old.  Let me go now. Will sure find your master soon and bring him here”, thinking that, enough if the ugly creature would leave him to move out of the room. At once Jeena said, Only my Master could enter this room. Because this room was his private where he was the only human who had the access. And now only you could enter. To add more, My master had a scar of warrior sword in his stomach and no doubt you have it, my Master! Its my pleasure to tell you your past”.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Akil's Jeena - Part 1

Those were the days in a small village, where, a 50-yr old had only heard about rain and gave-up to live with it as there was no source for such a dynamic shower from the universal roof. The people there, tried hard to live and the time had come to evacuate their once-called-heaven, for the sake of next-generation existence.

No exception, Akil’s family, started moving to his distant-cousin’s village, which was under the rule of King Samendhra, who never tires doing good for his people. Ten year old Akil’s eyes widened, seeing lads wearing different and colorful costume, jewels and having variety of food everyday, whereas he had only two sets, one half-pant to wear during work and a half-sleeved shirt and full-pant to wear when he roams around the village and one-time meal which invokes hunger and makes him wait for the next day meal.

Akil’s father, unlike himself, wanted his son to get education. His heart becomes heavy seeing his kid, sharing his burden to fulfill day-to-day basic needs. Akil, like his father, is sincere and loyal to work whatever he gets time-to-time, still longing to get educated. Days started passing by, loading the village with new people like Akil and the food produced by village doesn’t enough for the population. This brought worry lines in king’s forehead.

One day, king decided to move into the village personally and find what he can do for them. His eyes stuck on a kid helping an old cobbler. Noble minded king took him to his palace that housed with rare, ancient artistic wall hangings, furniture, etc. The poor boy, Akil, wondered how many families would live here. King sent his worker for the boy’s father and the father obeyed. After hearing his past, emperor decided to give education to the kid and ordered him to help his worker in palace in non-study time with wages. With heart-full of gratitude, father thanked kind-hearted king and left.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog full of stories

Hey Friends,  I have come up with my new blog full of short and sweet stories. hope you will be loving them. Show it in your comments. Just read and relax... :)