Sunday, February 1, 2015

Few Ones Among Us Makes Time

Am following a blog Nisaptham since some time. Blogger Mr. Vaa.Manikandan, IT-software employee,  has an excellent skill of writing in Tamil. He blogs on whatever comes to his mind to share with the world. The flow is very natural, very simple, open and broad-minded, makes his point of view very clear, that keeps readers inviting to his blog. He has published few books on short stories/articles, that has a good traffic of audience. 

And you know what he does with the money his books get him! 

He just donates all of them to the needy people thru his trust. His blog art brings him a lot of sponsors to his trust. Donation lists sports items to schools, part of surgery bills, etc. Impressive part is, he makes sure each paisa reaches the people who really struggles to afford and all debts and credits to trust account, is open to all sponsors(See here). This transparency is his strength and success.

There are lot of us willing to donate money, but hesitate just because we don't know it really reaches for the real purpose, as there is no sufficient time to go check in person. I beleive people like this Gentlemen help us to come out. So he does blogging, maintain Trust/account, put effort whatever is required to make sure of the needy situation is real, writing + releasing his books along with the full-time employment and family to take care. Wondering, how he gets time for all these!

There are people like him who Makes Time for what drives them lively on earth!
Hats-off  to Mr. Vaa.Manikandan!