Thursday, May 28, 2015

Heavenly marriage 3

In Marriage, why is there the differences on whatever formalities from girls side and boys side? Girl's parents are spending effort as much as the boy's parents or much more. Its an open question to both educated and uneducated, rich and poor. Have you ever thought about that? Is that necessarily necessary to follow those? And who the hell gentlemen set those and who are they to compel others to follow? And what if not followed any more, who are there to cross-check?

Come on yaar, your beloved spouse and family is emotion filled, not an ATM. When you start thinking your spouse family as your own family and spouse parents are yours, they become a part of your responsibility, then why to hurt and spoil the relationship just because of money and indirect money related things?

What-if marriage procedures are commonly standardized, fixed and everybody might follow that. Prayers to God may be done according to your religion, its upto you and God, to give and receive. But marriage procedures can be standardized. Its in the hands of youngsters.

How about a marriage happens like this:

Choose spouse with good character
Bride’s family gets new clothes for themselves
Bridegroom’s family gets new clothes for themselves
Get married in register office with your very first circle relatives and take vow in front of your parents and grand parents.
Distribute sweets among yourselves
Take snaps
Go to temple according to your religion
One time feast-lunch or dinner, to all invited relatives, friends during reception party
No dowry in any form – jewelry, precious materials or articles, cash, house-hold things, vehicles, property, etc..
Just two hearts are united to be a family, filled with happiness, supported by two families.
Whenever your spouse's parents are in need, just be there even before they think they need you.
Don't expect any formalities from spouse's parents, ofcourse they are yours too.

Might this lead to Heavenly Marriage?!?!

Passport Renewal

I was happy when I saw my passport size photo on my 'PASSPORT'. Or even I can say I was proud since I was the first to hold a passport in my family. I got to use it for ID proof. Not a chance to travel a distance.

Like Passport, does our life has any specific purpose or to declare, what we did with life is the purpose??

To give a new life to my expire-soon Passport, decided to spend time, effort and money hoping at least this new one would show me a part of world. There are 2 things need to be shared, upon passport renewal, which is not specified in official website. Might be useful for anybody who seeking for renewal info.

  1. If bank pass book – joint account is provided as proof, then if applicant is single then joint account has to be with parents. If applicant is married, then joint account to be with spouse, otherwise it’s not accepted as proof
  1. If spouse passport is provided as your address proof, then spouse passport should already hold your name as spouse name.