Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Heavenly Marriage 2

It was very beautiful evening yesterday, doing my usual walk in the park and while sensing good breeze, i heard this conversation between She1 and She 2.

She1: my MIL started complaining that my parents didnt give x no. of sweets for the last week special occasion. They hav given y no. Of sweets only. Its her prestige issue on scale of her neighbour. But the y is the same as my parents side relatives have given to their daughters and boys parents are pretty much happy to receive. Its not at all less. Its what followed in our society. I always hate people speaking less of my parents when they have not done anything less. I never used to do things that hurts my parents as my parents would never hurt me in anyways. Thats why I can't stand with this and also failed in making MIL understand this. Its much disappointing and disturbing, that I cant concentrate in my work too"
She2: This is too bad, to hear.
She1: (silence)
She2: it sounds like old age MILs, always unsatisfied with girls parents. They used dominate and threaten emotionally the girls side. I could say that my grandma was execptional. I wonder this even happens in this new era. This behavior is so cheap and silly too. That too you are earning, why cant MIL compensate with that? Wondering why your hubby is allowing this to happen. He should support you not getting irritate like this.
She1: I dont know why my earning is not considered or respected at all. Am earning xx, 00, 000 per annum and amount equal to x-y no. Of sweets is just x, 000. This job is also because of my parents only. They have spent huge effort and amount towards my education.
She2: pardon me, but MIL is heartless! May be she is not good at maths, it seems. (Tried to change her mood, it worked)
She 1: (first time in the conversation I heard her better with small chuckle) yeah, may be.
She2: whatever happened is not your or your parents fault so dont worry. Try not to give much importance to this kind of situation and look into your routine.
She1: okies friend, see u later bye
She2: bye

Yeah, there are MILs still comparing whatever recived from girls parents and worst part is complaining that directly to the girl. Frequent happening of the same might lead to affect the girls peace of mind, increase the mental stress along with official stress, indirectly damage her health. That affects the boys too. Which in turn delays the heavenly marriage in every aspects.

My opinion is, present or future MILs, treat both your son and DIL with same respect and care, and treat your DILs parents equally important to you. Nobody is less than other by good human values. If you cant support the couple, atleast try not disturb their heavenly marriage. "Marriage is not done for prestige, not to showcase your finance status, its done only for life time sweet companionship and nothing can substitute this. Live and let live!"