Saturday, July 26, 2014



 One of the best among the relationship is true friendship. A true friend is close to heart and soul. This is the living companion sent from God, to whom we can share anything in the world. When you are sad,   just share with them. Suddenly we would start feeling much better and continue with our chores. It happened to me a million times, I always wonder. It’s a magical gift from God, I always thank him. There will be a long time gap, we won’t meet, we won’t speak, but we feel our friend is still in contact. The long silence never keeps a friend apart. For honest critics, we can trust friends. They will be there to encourage you, support you, showcase your inner strength, make you realise your weakness, help you, shout at you and mainly accept you as who you are. Any reason would be silly, to lose such a friendship. So appreciate those precious gems and be gifted.

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