Thursday, May 28, 2015

Passport Renewal

I was happy when I saw my passport size photo on my 'PASSPORT'. Or even I can say I was proud since I was the first to hold a passport in my family. I got to use it for ID proof. Not a chance to travel a distance.

Like Passport, does our life has any specific purpose or to declare, what we did with life is the purpose??

To give a new life to my expire-soon Passport, decided to spend time, effort and money hoping at least this new one would show me a part of world. There are 2 things need to be shared, upon passport renewal, which is not specified in official website. Might be useful for anybody who seeking for renewal info.

  1. If bank pass book – joint account is provided as proof, then if applicant is single then joint account has to be with parents. If applicant is married, then joint account to be with spouse, otherwise it’s not accepted as proof
  1. If spouse passport is provided as your address proof, then spouse passport should already hold your name as spouse name.

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