Saturday, July 9, 2011

Akil's Jeena - Part 2

At first, it was difficult to Akil, but later he got used to new place and new people. He was very happy to study, learn new things, and roam around the palace. There was a restricted phase in palace, which had a very big hall in the center surrounded by around fifty rooms. These rooms were filled with things those were considered as precious by King Samendhra. Not always, but once, Akil got permission to visit this place and was told that nobody could open one room, particularly.  With all curiosity, he wanted to try on his own but not even allowed to touch the door.

Even though he started his studies late, was able to grasp things faster. The king was happy with boy’s learning progress. One night when he was studying, suddenly got an idea of trying to open the so-far unopened room in restricted phase. He moved to that place when nobody noticed him. When he touched the door, heard a voice from inside. To his surprise, the door opened that moment and a voice said, “Welcome my lord”. The door shut itself after he entered.

Akil was afraid of darkness that existed there for years, till the giant creature came in front of his vision. And for the first time, cursed himself, for having a thought of trying to open this room.  With the dim light flowing from small ventilators on top of the walls, he could see, it had two legs and two hands look like a ghost, with three eyes and single horn.  When he turned back to move out of the room, heard a strong voice, “My Great Lord! Its me Jeena, whom u gave freedom 100 years ago and waiting to serve u my Master”.

In fear, sweating Akil, could hear his heart beating bolder and louder. Now he realized the jandoo in front of him is harmless. Still with trembling heart, he collected himself and replied, “I am not the person whom you are thinking. I am just 10 year old.  Let me go now. Will sure find your master soon and bring him here”, thinking that, enough if the ugly creature would leave him to move out of the room. At once Jeena said, Only my Master could enter this room. Because this room was his private where he was the only human who had the access. And now only you could enter. To add more, My master had a scar of warrior sword in his stomach and no doubt you have it, my Master! Its my pleasure to tell you your past”.

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