Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Akil's Jeena - Part 1

Those were the days in a small village, where, a 50-yr old had only heard about rain and gave-up to live with it as there was no source for such a dynamic shower from the universal roof. The people there, tried hard to live and the time had come to evacuate their once-called-heaven, for the sake of next-generation existence.

No exception, Akil’s family, started moving to his distant-cousin’s village, which was under the rule of King Samendhra, who never tires doing good for his people. Ten year old Akil’s eyes widened, seeing lads wearing different and colorful costume, jewels and having variety of food everyday, whereas he had only two sets, one half-pant to wear during work and a half-sleeved shirt and full-pant to wear when he roams around the village and one-time meal which invokes hunger and makes him wait for the next day meal.

Akil’s father, unlike himself, wanted his son to get education. His heart becomes heavy seeing his kid, sharing his burden to fulfill day-to-day basic needs. Akil, like his father, is sincere and loyal to work whatever he gets time-to-time, still longing to get educated. Days started passing by, loading the village with new people like Akil and the food produced by village doesn’t enough for the population. This brought worry lines in king’s forehead.

One day, king decided to move into the village personally and find what he can do for them. His eyes stuck on a kid helping an old cobbler. Noble minded king took him to his palace that housed with rare, ancient artistic wall hangings, furniture, etc. The poor boy, Akil, wondered how many families would live here. King sent his worker for the boy’s father and the father obeyed. After hearing his past, emperor decided to give education to the kid and ordered him to help his worker in palace in non-study time with wages. With heart-full of gratitude, father thanked kind-hearted king and left.

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